Solutions Visualization Workshop 

VI SixD is an innovation platform that allows you to achieve in a few weeks what would take many months in the traditional IT world. In only three weeks, we will jointly analyse, prototype and visualize your individual solution. 
The Solutions Visualization Workshop includes the following activities and deliverables:
(1)  Business Executive Chartering to assess and visualize 1-2 opportunities (1 hour session)
(2)  Business Executive Organizational Kick-off (1 hour session)
(3)  Interviews with stakeholders selected by Business Executive (up to 6 interviews, 1-2 hours)
(4)  Service Specification definition (not complete but representative)
(5)  Review of Service Spec with stakeholders and Business Executive (1 meeting, 2 hours)
(6)  Prototyping of solution using VI SixD, that will remain available for review after the engagement
(7)  Report that documents the workshop, opportunities, interviews, service spec, and prototyped solution
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