VI Agents provides value network applications by configuration. 


Since its inception in 2003, VI Agents has focused on value network processes. Businesses increasingly depend on value networks that involve multiple stakeholders and often cross organizational boundaries.

VI Agents’ “value innovation” (VI) approach and solutions helps

  • better interact with their
    value network partners
  • eliminate cumbersome software integration work
  • accelerate time-to-market
  • drive innovation

VI Agents' software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform VI SixD provides six dimensions of understanding of business processes and events: 

  1. what happened?
  2. when?
  3. where?
  4. why? (context)
  5. who? (must know) and
  6. how? (shall such situation be handled?)

Our customers use VI SixD across their value networks in order to: 

  • enable business across inter- and intra-organizational boundaries including the integration of processes and securely sharing information
  • automate Value Network logistics, inventory, and workflows
  • provide visibility, manage, and control assets and resources
  • provide the supervisory controls, data acquisition, monitoring and management of sensors, devices, machinery, and equipment (autoID, GPS, RLTS, other M2M)
  • provide real-time location based services and associated control center functionalities
  • provide compliance, chain-of-custody, pedigree, and authentication system services

Our customers realize: 

  • fit-to-purpose application solutions
  • real-time agility, process automation, and exception handling
  • higher data accuracy and process quality
  • ability to adopt new M2M/AutoID/Sensor technologies without legacy system customization
  • Rapid innovation cycle times measured in days and weeks
  • lowest total cost of ownership