VI Agents has been a thought leader in its domain for many years. We have delivered innovations that make our software VI SixD the most versatile and the most appicable in the market. 


We have been using VI SixD in the cargo monitoring vertical very successfully for many years - there is not other system that can offer the multiple levels of tracking, inventory management, document processing, configurable intelligence. However, I have come to realize that that is has broad potential in unrelated applications ranging from managing a national network of biological threat detectors, to being used as a national security backbone in airports, to helping to prevent train or subway collisions. Every week we find a new and exciting use for VI SixD. 


Rich Meyers, CEO of Global Trak, 2009 



VI SixD is a flexible, robust platform that has allowed us to effortlessly introduce our technology into our client's current business processes while offering endless scenarios for process enhancement and improvement. 


Dan Chuhay, Systems Engineer, GlobalTrak, 09/2009 


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