VI SixD 

VI SixD supports business processes that span multiple application domains and cross organizational boundaries. 


Use cases include: 


- Intelligent Asset Management 

- Mobile Asset / Vehicle Location 

- Nested Value Chains 

- Cold Value Chains 

- Demand-driven supply network 

- ePedigree, chain of custody 

- Value network visibility, T&T 

- Virtual Warehouse
- Real-Time Location Services
- M2M / Sensor automation
- Mobile asset monitoring
- EPC Compliance 

- Airtravel Services 

- Seaport Security network 

- Realtime Business Applications 


and many more...







Super-users and business analysts can create individual business applications by configuring generically available functionality for: 

  • setting up and managing value networks and giving access to stakeholders
  • fusing together multiple streams of data from any legacy system
  • providing business context through the 'envelope of information' that represents the electronic paperwork involved in workflows and processes
  • integrating POs, Invoices, ASNs, BOL, POD and other documents electronically and making them actionable on the level of each individual data field
  • applying business rules for automation and decision making
  • interacting with users and systems

These applications may be configured and applied to almost any use case, business scenario, and industry. VI SixD: 

  • is business process aware (top-down) and event-driven (bottom-up)
  • is an open and extensible solution framework
  • integrates value network processes and workflows
  • securely shares information across value networks
  • is a comprehensive, fully-integrated, and configurable M2M/Auto-ID/Sensor automation solution
  • provides a framework to integrate any sensor, smart device, controller, or reader
  • delivers on regulatory and other compliance requirements, such as "1 Step Up and 1 Step Back Traceability" for produce

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