VI SixD core 

The VI SixD software is named after VI Agents’ “value innovation” (VI) approach. The resulting solution design enables solutions-by-configuration along the 6 principle dimensions (SixD) of business processes and events: what happened when and where and why (context), who must know and how shall such situation be handled?
VI SixD Core capabilities include:

  • Value Network (VN) management
    A VN is an information sharing community that delivers goods or services.
    - configuration of VNs and maintenance of VN members
    - roles and access management, rule-based VN control and interaction

  • Privacy of relationships and data
    For VNs to work in practice, VN parties must be in control of privacy of relationships.
    - privacy can be defined down to data element level - Public, Shared, Private
    - privacy can be configured to deliver on „need to know“ requirements
  • Document- and message-based integration
    - works with any document or message format, i.e. no changes to legacy system
    Business processes manifest themselves through business documents. In order to minimize integration work, VI SixD follows the light-touch (loosely coupled) paradigm.
    - “integration by mapping & configuration“ rather than software customization
  • Process and business event control
    - through user-configurable business rules
    on the level of each data element of a document and
    - on business event level

  • User portal and reporting
    For the configuration of VN applications, authorized business analysts have access to a configuration portal that allows them to design and define the appropriate end user experience. As a result, users get their specific frontends and business process dashboards for them to manage their VN applications.
  • Auditable tracking & tracing log
    - recording of context information for “drill-down” on specific processes and events
    - retaining of all instances of documents including their past versions
  • Capture and processing of any sensor-/signal-based event
    - RFID, barcode, GPS, GPRS, any M2M state information (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.)

  • Managed service platform ("SaaS factory")
    A managed service provider or a customer can operate multiple applications for multiple tenants. Applications delivered this way are easier to use by VN parties and are more cost-effective due to economies of scale. VI SixD was designed for managed services and includes components for recording of usage and data management. Alternatively, VI SixD can be used as an enterprise platform.

  • Mastering complexity and ensuring scalability
    - VI SixD has been designed for and is used for mission-critical applications.
    - distributable architecture for the right mix between local and central processing

The VI SixD software has been live with customers since Q4/2003 and is continuously being enhanced at a rhythm of two major releases per annum.