The optimal solution is the one that can not be simplified any further.

Simple solutions are often very sophisticated. For complex value networks to work smoothly, enabling
users to decide in right-time, a solution must address the six principle dimensions (SixD) of business processes and events: 

  • what happened?
  • when?
  • where?
  • why? (context)
  • who? (must know) and
  • how? (to react)

From our engagement with large-scale users we have concluded that: 

  • Customers do not care about individual technical components and "middleware" products, as value is generated as a complete business solution only.
  • Customers need solutions that are aware of their business processes and context, and enable right-time decision making.
  • Customers want to avoid time-consuming and costly consulting and integration projects.
  • Customers want to be in control of their applications.
  • Customers are cost-sensitive and want their suppliers to take risk.
  • Most customers want to use applications as they use any simple service [like the telephone].

VI Agents builds its technologies accordingly. We engage with customers in a way that is aligned with their business model. Working in one boat has turned out to be a great facilitator and a guarantee for success.