Professional Services 

VI Agents follows the value innovation approach. 


Value Innovation is a strategy developed at INSEAD by Professor W. Chan Kim and Professor Renée Mauborgne. Value Innovation is solely directed at the generation of business value. It helps create new market space by connecting innovation and commerce. 


Value Innovation focuses on the value to the buyer, not the competition. More recently, value innovation has become broadly known through the best-selling book "Blue Ocean Strategy." 


VI Agents applies these principles as part of its service methodology.


VI Agents' approach to professional services is based upon the following principles: 

  • technology is only a means and never an end in itself
  • business impact must determine the use of technology
  • simplification drives adoption and ROI

VI Agents works with clients to help define the desired improvements and the resulting business processes. We make sure that a client is properly trained in the use of our solution framework. If a client wishes, we participate and take responsibility in the implementation of projects. 


Our professional services include: 

  • helping define the process improvements
  • configuration, setup and support services
  • solution hosting and managed services