M2M Solutions with VI SixD 


Organizations that are looking to leverage M2M technologies to create smarter business processes 

and workflows need an M2M application solution that can be configured to serve their specific M2M needs and business process requirements, along with a robust comprehensive M2M application platform that can support an expanding M2M strategy.   


Based upon our customer proven M2M application expertise, solutions, and technology, VI Agents provides a highly differentiated M2M application solution platform as well as application templates that offer enterprises a powerful combination of ready-to-deploy M2M solutions.  VI Agents' application solution platform, VI SixD™, is an extensible, reliable, scalable, high-performance M2M application platform. 


VI SixD™, provides near real-time operational intelligence and process automation that allows companies to realize new business value, higher levels of efficiency and productivity, and new and actionable operational insights.   Users, super-users, business analysts, and developers use VI SixD to automate, connect, understand, and manage the near real-time collection, processing, analysis, and distribution of M2M signal and information events.  These signal and information events are fused together with other information content representing multiple enterprise application interests and transactions through the application of configurable business policy and rules of operation.  Such rules of operation include operational methods, procedures, analytics, and corrective actions.   


VI SixD fuses the signal and information event information together with information content to create new operational and business intelligence.  These near real-time operational and business insights enable the M2M Application solution to properly track, account for, and understand the state of M2M devices and the associated physical assets.  Physical assets when combined with smart M2M devices are represented within the VI SixD as digitized assets that can be properly monitored, understood, and managed.  Managing and understanding this Envelope of Information in near real-time allows VI SixD to affect transactions already in progress across multiple enterprise applications and value network participants. 


By using VI Agents M2M application solution and pre-defined application templates, companies can easily implement new solutions in a fraction of the time required to develop such application solutions.  Our customers also realize rapid cycles of learning and innovation that enables these solutions to be quickly customized, enhanced and deployed to fit the requirements of specific business processes and operational scenarios.